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Frequently asked questions

How does Dollyship work?
Dollyship connects individuals who need to send packages with transporters who are already traveling to the destination. Simply create an inquiry, choose a transporter, and enjoy efficient and reliable package delivery.
What types of packages can I send?
You can send a wide range of packages, from documents to larger items. Our platform accommodates various package sizes, ensuring your items are delivered securely.
Is Dollyship environmentally friendly?
Yes! Dollyship is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by optimizing delivery routes and minimizing unnecessary trips. By choosing Dollyship, you're contributing to a more sustainable delivery ecosystem.
How are transporters verified?
Transporters undergo a thorough verification process, including background checks and identity verification. This ensures that only reliable individuals can participate in the platform.
What if I have a delicate package?
You can provide specific handling instructions when creating your inquiry. Transporters are experienced in handling various types of packages, including fragile items.
What happens if my package is lost or damaged?
While we prioritize safe delivery, unforeseen circumstances can occur. Dollyship offers insurance options to provide additional protection for your packages.
How can I track my package?
Dollyship provides real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor your package's journey from pickup to delivery. You'll receive updates at every stage.
Can I become a transporter?
Absolutely! If you're a reliable individual who frequently travels, you can sign up to become a transporter. Monetize your journeys by delivering packages along your route.
Is my payment information secure?
Yes, your payment information is securely stored and processed using advanced encryption technology. Dollyship prioritizes the security of your personal and financial data.

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