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Discover a new era of package delivery designed around your needs as a sender.

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Stay Informed with Real-Time Tracking

Experience the convenience of tracking your packages in real time, receiving updates throughout the journey for ultimate peace of mind.

Empowering Transporter Community.

Join a thriving community of transporters and leverage your journeys for rewarding opportunities.

  • Monetize Your Journeys with Flexible Routes

    Transform your travels into a source of income by picking up and delivering packages along your route. Turn ordinary trips into earning adventures.

  • Build a Stellar Reputation with User Ratings

    Forge a strong reputation through positive user ratings. Consistently deliver exceptional service to unlock more opportunities for success.

  • Earn While On the Move

    Monetize your trips by engaging in package deliveries. Connect with senders and earn extra income while making your journeys even more meaningful.

  • Ensured Security with Verified Transactions

    Experience peace of mind with secure and verified transactions. Trust our platform to facilitate safe exchanges and reliable earnings.

  • Optimized Deliveries for Efficiency

    Efficiently manage and optimize your package deliveries with our intelligent routing system, saving you valuable time, fuel, and effort.

  • Thriving Community Network

    Connect with fellow transporters in a vibrant network. Share insights, learn from experiences, and grow collectively within a supportive environment.

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Experience a new era of package delivery that's seamless, eco-friendly, and community-driven. Join Dollyship and connect with a network of senders and transporters to redefine the way packages move.

What Our Users Are Saying.

Thousands of people have doubled their net-worth in the last 30 days.

It really works.

Dollyship is amazing! I sent a package to my parents across the country and it arrived faster than I expected. The transporter was friendly and professional. I highly recommend this app.

Emily W.

Screw financial advisors.

Dollyship is a good concept, but the app needs some work. I had trouble with the payment process and couldn't get in touch with customer support. I hope they can improve these issues soon.

John D.

Wish I could give 6 stars

I'm impressed with Dollyship's commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. It's refreshing to see a company that cares about sustainability. And the service is top-notch too!

Mike R.

I'm 13 and I'm rich.

Dollyship is a good option for small package deliveries. However, I wish they offered larger size options for larger items.

Lisa F.

Quit my job.

I'm impressed with Dollyship's commitment to sustainability. And the service is fantastic too! I've used this app

Eric W.

This shouldn't be legal.

I've been using Dollyship for several months now, and I couldn't be happier with the service. The prices are very reasonable, and the transporters are reliable and friendly. Plus, I'm doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint!

Sarah L.

No more hassle!

I'm a fan of Dollyship's user-friendly app and excellent customer service. They really go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied with the service.

David K.

Too good to be true.

I'm so glad I found Dollyship! I needed to send an important document to a colleague across town, and the app made it easy and affordable. The transporter arrived on time and the delivery was fast and secure.

Rachel T.

It's like a superpower.

I had a bad experience with Dollyship. My package was delayed and I had trouble getting in touch with customer support. I wouldn't use this app again.

Maria L.

You need this app.

I'm a transporter with Dollyship, and I've been able to earn some extra cash while traveling to my destinations. The app is easy to use and the support team is always available to help. I deducted one star because the commission fee is a bit high.

Tom C.

I love it!

Dollyship is a great way to earn some extra cash if you're a reliable transporter. However, I wish there were more opportunities to pick up packages in my area.

Alex G.

Maybe I will use it again

I had a mixed experience with Dollyship. My package arrived safely, but the transporter was a bit rude and didn't communicate well.

Jane S.

Started an investment firm.

Dollyship is the perfect solution for my small business shipping needs. The prices are affordable and the service is fast and reliable. Highly recommend!

Tyler B.

Don't download this app

I was hesitant to try a new delivery app, but I'm so glad I did! Dollyship made it easy to find a transporter who was already heading to my sister's city, and the package arrived safely and on time. It's great to know that I'm also helping reduce my carbon footprint by using this app. Highly recommend!

Emily H.

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We believe in providing you with a pricing model that is clear, competitive, and tailored to your unique delivery requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How does Dollyship work?

      Dollyship connects individuals who need to send packages with transporters who are already traveling to the destination. Simply create an inquiry, choose a transporter, and enjoy efficient and reliable package delivery.

    • What types of packages can I send?

      You can send a wide range of packages, from documents to larger items. Our platform accommodates various package sizes, ensuring your items are delivered securely.

    • Is Dollyship environmentally friendly?

      Yes! Dollyship is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by optimizing delivery routes and minimizing unnecessary trips. By choosing Dollyship, you're contributing to a more sustainable delivery ecosystem.

    • How are transporters verified?

      Transporters undergo a thorough verification process, including background checks and identity verification. This ensures that only reliable individuals can participate in the platform.

    • What if I have a delicate package?

      You can provide specific handling instructions when creating your inquiry. Transporters are experienced in handling various types of packages, including fragile items.

    • What happens if my package is lost or damaged?

      While we prioritize safe delivery, unforeseen circumstances can occur. Dollyship offers insurance options to provide additional protection for your packages.

    • How can I track my package?

      Dollyship provides real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor your package's journey from pickup to delivery. You'll receive updates at every stage.

    • Can I become a transporter?

      Absolutely! If you're a reliable individual who frequently travels, you can sign up to become a transporter. Monetize your journeys by delivering packages along your route.

    • Is my payment information secure?

      Yes, your payment information is securely stored and processed using advanced encryption technology. Dollyship prioritizes the security of your personal and financial data.